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Jeux Tools is a website that provides Love Live! School Idol cheats so that gamers may gain not just gold and gems for free but also unlimited stamina. One just need to go to the website, tick which type of mobile device they play the game on, and click “Connect.”

Once that’s done, a series of commands initializing the hack and decrypting the School Idol Festival cheats will appear on the right side of the page. Once “Connecting to server…” appears, the vault-like image on the left side opens and ta-dah! The real magic can begin.

When the vault finally lifts and opens, gamers will then be asked to enter their required amount of resources. Enter the number of either free gold or free love gems you need (or maybe even want). There is also a box that you can tick in case you feel the need for unlimited stamina. The last thing to do now is click the green “Update Your Game” button then follow the rest of the instructions.

There really are tons of wonderful, exciting – sometimes even weird – games that come out of Japan. “Love Live! School Idol Festival” is just one of those games.

Coming from developer KLab and publisher Bushiroad’s Bushimo, “Love Live! School Idol Festival” is available for free download at the Android Google Store and iOS App Store. Released in 2013, this Japanese game is part of the Love Live! series and therefore includes songs from both “Love Live!” and “Love Live! Sunshine!” A rhythm game, it lets gamers take control of μ and Aqours members in either the Live or the Story mode.

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In this game, golds are important in levelling up a member of the idol group; while love gems are needed to refill LP or continue a failed Live game.

Go check out this said hack tool then fire up the game on your mobile device – Android or iOS – and play this rhythm game with more golds and love gems than you have ever owned! Enjoy!