Imagine those tiny cells floating inside your body. How do they look like? What colors do they have? You just cannot picture it, can you?

Now, let’s try to make it more complicated. Imagine a virus coming in to take control of your body. It eats up all the tiny cells that come along its way. It is growing fast. It is coming after your little cells. Can you imagine that? Do you even know what a virus looks like?

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Biology is an interesting subject, but who would dare want to wear his brains out figuring how those microscopic organisms look like? Even doctors don’t do that. That’s the job of the medical technician but even they don’t enjoy it either. Only mad scientists do that, although it would be fun to look at it through a microscope. What you will see would be very exciting.

Yet, here’s another exciting thing to see. It is just like watching cells and viruses warring against each other inside the human body. No, you don’t need to look into a microscope and you definitely don’t need to be a mad scientist, but it could definitely make you go mad.

Confused? Worry not and just read on. What you will find will be very interesting.

Yup, you’re right! It’s the crazy online game called No, this will not be another hacking tutorial. There already are plenty of those available on the Internet. But who would want to use an hack tool? That could spoil the excitement of the game, wouldn’t it?

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Mama will always say that cheating is not good for children but mama does not know how to play and you are not children. Well, maybe some of you are but who cares. It’s just a game. If mama would have played this game, she also couldn’t resist getting an Hack tool.

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