Know the Game – Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is a free to play role playing game (RPG) set in a fantasy world. The game is developed by Rumble and is a squad based game. It follows the player, a new commander within the ranks of good, and his/her collection of summoned heroes in the quest to defeat the evil spirit known as Vortryn.

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Why Use the Alliance Heroes of the Spire Hack?

The game has eye-catching graphics and action-packed gameplay. Character customization is available and is a rather important mechanic of the game. But much like its fellow games in the RPG industry, it utilizes in-game transactions and often exploits players who want to progress faster. Using the Alliance Heroes of the Spire Cheats that we developed, you can instantly gain access to any amount of resources you need. Our site provides both Free Gold and Free Gems!

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Aside from the free gold and free gems that our tool provides players, here are some other great features for you to know.

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  • The Sturdiest Shield – The greatest fear that a mighty warrior such as you often faces is the ‘B’ incantation also known as the Ban spell. This nasty incantation is used with players who are brave enough to go against the system, thus instantly removing them from the world or causes other consequences.
  • Easy as Cake – Our hack tool is web-based thus no need for you to travel to some dungeon, recover a dusty old key from some random corpse and try to fight your way through the locked door.
  • Universal – Our hack tool is available on all platforms, be it computers or mobile devices. No need to cross realms just to access our golden tool.

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Manual: How To Use the Tool of Glory

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