Cricket lovers all over the world, rejoice! You can now enjoy your favorite sport any time of the day, wherever you are! World Championship Cricket 2 offers you an advanced interactive environment. This ensures that your gaming is enjoyable, entertaining and fun!

Play the maximum number of cricket shots! Get the best shots available in the game! Customize your player with in-game purchases. Develop his abilities and guide him to the top! Cheer for your team with personalized banners! Access different cricket venues. Enjoy the game with detailed animations and controls.

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Better Features, Better Gameplay

Take your game to another level with the Helicopter shot! Get your hands on the Upper-Cut and the Dil-scoop shots! Enjoy up to 69 different batting shots and eight bowling actions.

Challenge yourself with responsive AI and realistic ball physics. Make your own dive and throw plays. Catch your opponents off-guard! Enjoy countless hours of fun! Choose from 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams! Advance through TEST Cricket, World Cup, World T20 Cup and ODI Series. Catch the Blitz Tournament for free!

The realistic CGI takes you into the game. Watch your opponent flinch. See them wince. See them sweat. Improved gameplay results in a better interactive experience. Poor shot selection can result in injuries to your batsmen. It’s a challenge, but this makes the game even better—especially if you’re into strategizing your next moves instead of just jumping into things.

Gain better game control for your enjoyment. Classic and Pro batting controls are available, enhancing overall gameplay experience. Place your AI batsmen manually in the field for all modes to make the gameplay even more challenging.

The additional 250 motion captured animations definitely boosts the entertainment factor for this game. Better fielding, toss and umpire animations make for a realistic sequence. Customizable players and roles ensure continued enjoyment.


World Cricket Championship 2 Hacks

You get tired of slow player development. You want to advance to the next phase. You get stuck at a particular player skill level. You want to get the best experience possible. You want to gain an upper hand against the AI. These are reasons why you should use World Cricket Championship 2 Cheats.

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It’s easy to get hooked on this game, but you will need unlimited resources and materials to advance your player. It will take you lot of time without the World Cricket Championship hacks and cheats. So why not take advantage of them? They are readily available and downloadable from many trusted third party providers.


Here are some of the World Cricket Championship 2 Cheats you can enter to use in the game:


For World Cricket Championship 2 Free Coins

  1. For 150,000 coins, type in WC_r8RL6rO2V5
  2. For 600,000 coins, type in NJ_Gv9dN3wvpZ
  3. For 1,350,000 coins, type in CP_u86ByZZXvF


For other game hacks and cheats:

  1. Unlock Tournaments, Stadiums, More-overs and No Advertisements, type LP_1CstHfddcl
  2. Remove ads permanently, type in IM_e8hfa03nnh


These World Cricket Championship 2 Cheats are compatible for all devices and platforms. They are safe to use and are from trusted third party content providers.


Hack your Way to World Cricket Championship 2 Greatness

Follow these steps to gain WCC 2 greatness! Share these steps with your friends and get to play with them on equal terms.


  1. Choose the World Cricket Championship 2 Online Hack. You will get redirected to the appropriate landing page.
  2. Click the Access Online Generator button. It will redirect you to another page.
  3. Click the “Go to the Hack” button.
  4. Choose your World Cricket Championship 2 platform.
  5. Enter your username or email id. Make sure that these are active.
  6. Select the number of Coins you need to add. Click the “Generate” button.
  7. Wait for the process to finish, it should only take a few seconds depending on your connection.
  8. Once finished, the selected resources will be in your World Cricket Championship 2 account.
  9. Check your WCC 2 account and enjoy the game!

One advantage of using the World Cricket Championship 2 hacks is that you can use it on multiple devices. The hack is also free to use and is safe from any malware that could harm your devices. Best of all, there is no chance of getting banned!

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Final at-bat

World Cricket Championship 2 cheats will improve your gameplay experience. Use it to your heart’s delight. Satisfy your curiosity, dominate the game of cricket online! Experience countless hours of interactive cricket fun in your mobile devices, anytime, anywhere!