Battle Bay is a new game from the same team that gave you the game Angry Birds.

To play the game, you need to form a team of five players whose main objective is to destroy enemy ships (other players) within a five-minute time frame or capture an area owned by your opponents.

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You need three items to get ahead of your opponents: sugar, pearls, and gold.

Sugar and gold are your main regular resources. Sugar is an upgrade resource so you cannot advance in the game without it. You need a lot of sugar to train crew members. Training is necessary for your crew to gain more experience. The more experience your crew gets, the higher the level you move up.

Another use for sugar is to upgrade your equipment.

Gold, on the other hand, is used to buy items and ships that you need in-game.

Sugar and gold have a capacity limit, depending on your Captain level. You need to increase your Captain level to increase the storage capacity of your sugar and gold.

You can obtain free gold and free sugar thru quests or as battle rewards. Another option is to receive them from care packages which refresh every 2 hours or by watching an ad.

Pearls are your premium resources. Pearls are used to buy chests, sugar, and gold. You can also shorten the upgrade time using pearls.

There are several ways to earn free pearls:

  • Daily log in gives random pearls
  • From bonuses after a complete battle
  • Double bonus reward after completing a battle if you watch an ad video
  • Completing achievements
  • Possible inclusion in care packages

The second option is to use Battle Bay hack or Battle Bay cheats to get all three resources free.

Since the initial launch of the game, several hacks and cheats have come out offering an unlimited supply of free gold, free sugar, and free pearls.

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You should choose a working hack and cheat site if you want to obtain all these resources for free.

Using the tool is easy. Just a few clicks and you can get your free resources instantly.

  • Whether you are using Android or iOS, just click on the connect button to connect your device
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  • You will be asked to download your activation key
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