Ever wanted to play a game where you just aim to bombard everything into smoldering piles of debris and ashes?Redcon is precisely that. You have access to your base where your guns and utility rooms are located, and your goal is to decimate your opponent’s base. Would you go first for their heavy artillery? Or would it be better to target their utility rooms first? The choice is yours. As you defeat one enemy after another, you will gain credits and you will use these credits to unlock better guns, better artillery, and better utility rooms. The strategy lies in trying to create the perfect base with the weapons and rooms that you have. Will you go for hard-hitting guns, while sacrificing utility rooms? Will you opt for a balanced base, where you get some of everything? Would you prefer fast-hitting but weaker weapons or just go for the massive guns that hit for great damage but reload slowly?

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Whatever your preference may be in base building, it all comes down to how much credits you have to spend to unlock better weapons and rooms. Better base layouts are also available if you can buy them using credits. Credits can be obtained by defeating your opponents or you can buy them using real money. Thus, players who spend real money have a great advantage over players who play for free.

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