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Cartoon Wars 3 free resource generator features


-Get free gold

Gold is the universal currency in any game. It’s the same in Cartoon Wars 3. You need gold to upgrade your hero, unlock skills, and buy equipment. Any player who aims to become the best amasses this in-game currency through limited and tedious ways. Use the Cartoon Wars 3 hack tool if you want to bypass limitations and tiresome game grinding.


-Acquire free Crystals

Gathering crystals is worse than collecting gold. Why? It is because you can only get crystals through free daily spins and events. What is so special about crystals? Crystals are the real treasure in Cartoon wars 3. Without them, players cannot unlock unique skills and VIP heroes.


How can you win a match if you only have rare stick men while your opponent possesses legendary and epic fighters? Follow the steps below to solve this predicament.


How to hack Cartoon Wars 3


  1. Go to the web page of the working hack tool for Cartoon Wars 3.
  2. Choose your device operating system: Android or iOS and tap Connect.
  3. Wait for the encryption and decryption process to finish. This just takes a few seconds.
  4. Input the desired value for each resource in their respective field and click update your game.
  5. Click the download button on your right, save the file, copy the code, and paste it into the activation box.
  6. Connect your Cartoon Wars 3 account with the online hack tool by entering your game ID or username.
  7. Wait for the resources to load and open your game.

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Cartoon Wars 3 hack is 100% free and safe. You can spawn an infinite amount of crystals and gold without worrying about an account ban. Devs work night and day to ensure the anonymity of every player. Do not waste your cash on buying in-game resources because this online hack tool is now right in the palm of your hands.