Dark Sword is undeniably a great action game and perfect time killer. This 2D action game involves fighting different creatures and acquiring various weapons. However, to further enjoy your fighting journey, you need gold, soul and stamina. One way to acquire such necessities is to finish a certain stage and another is to pay for them with real money.

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We have good news for you! You don’t have to spend your money or struggle to finish a certain stage to collect gold, soul or stamina. You just need to apply this Dark Sword Hack and you will be amazed how easy it is to obtain what you need for the game.


  • Absolutely free – This tool is 100% free. You can use the gold, soul and stamina from our generating tool to buy or upgrade your weapon to fight strong enemies and even play without limitation (countless stamina). Our Dark Sword Cheatscan provide all the resources you need to make your game more exciting.
  • Safe – Since this is a hack tool, many players think twice before using it because they are concerned with their safety as players. When I speak about safety, I’m talking about the possibility of getting banned from the game. To tell you the truth, such possibility could happen but not with our tool! We guarantee you that our developers are doing their very best to make sure that everyone who uses this tool will not get banned.
  • DO NOT require downloadsDark Sword hack does not require anyone to download irrelevant stuffto use the tool. You just need to visit our website to get what you want for free.
  • Easy-to-use – This is an online tool and using it will not require much of your time.

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How to use

Using this tool is quite simple. It will not consume much of your time nor take anything valuable from yousuch as money. You just need to visit our website and identify how much free gold, free soulandfree stamina you want to have.

After doing such, you have to input your desired amount, choose between android or IOS and enter your account number. Just wait for a few minutes because the tool will process your request. Once it is done, your account will obtain the amount of gold, soul and stamina you inputted. So, hesitate no more! Start using our tool and play the game like wildfire!