Have fun while sharpening your brainpower with the game Dots & Co. This puzzle game lets you explore stunning landscapes as you solve various puzzles. Magical buddies will be with you on your puzzle adventure.

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Do you know you can make this experience even more fun? How? With more tokens, of course.

However, you only get a small amount of tokens at the start of the game. You will have to play several levels to amass a significant amount of tokens. A boost or two for your energy levels, your companion or a few extra moves will quickly deplete your tokens.

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Benefits of using our Dots & Co Resources Generator

Tokens have so many uses to improve your game. You can use them to buy Power Ups, refill your energy, and get some useful extra moves. You can also use them to boost your companions and give them special powers.

Features of our Resource Generator

Our resource generator will give your free tokens AND free energy. You can get up to 99M tokens and 99M energy when you visit our website.

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How to use our Resource Generator

Getting these free tokens and free energy to help you with Dots & Co cheats is very easy.

Go to our site and follow these steps:

  1. Fill up the fields on our page. These are:
    1. Username (if you are using your device downloaded with Dots & Co game app)
    2. Select the OS (if you are using a desktop such as MAC, Notebook or PC).
  1. First, connect the device where you have downloaded the game app using a USB cable.
  2. Click the device on your screen to open.
  • Under the “Enter your username” box, enter the name of your device. Select the OS under the appropriate field.
  1. Open the game in your device and let the system read your game data.
  2. Click the “Connect” button.
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