The sky is the limit in Dragons: Rise of Berk. Soar through the atmosphere with your trained dragon. Unlock and maximize the capabilities of your winged friend by using Dragons: Rise of Berk hack tool.

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Adorable yet ferocious, that is the normality of dragons. From the very start, you can choose the mythical monster that will accompany you throughout the game. Your primary responsibility is training, feeding, and upgrading it. Such task is quite tedious and troublesome especially of your dear little hatchling is a rambunctious baby dragon. It would take hours after hours of gameplay before your tiny reptile turns into a humongous fire breathing beast.


But, worry not dear trainer because Dragons: Rise of Berk cheats can provide all the needs of your dragon. You can generate free fish, runes, and wood if you utilize the online hack tool. These resources are the major necessities to grow your dragon, upgrade facilities, and unlock new areas.


Dragons: Rise of Berk Hack features


-Gains free runes

-Generates free wood

-Acquires free fish

-Unlocks all 12 Dreamworks dragons in a flash

-Discovers new lands easily

-Bypasses tedious quest

-Finishes missions in a jiffy

-Builds your own Berk without restrictions.

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-Proxy support enabled

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How to use Dragons: Rise of Berk for free unlimited resource generation.


Follow the steps correctly to get your free wood, runes, and fish.


  1. Visit the link to the online free resource generator for Dragons: Rise of Berk
  2. Launch the hack
  3. Select the operating system of your device and click connect
  4. Wait for the initialization to finish
  5. Input your desired number of resources into each respective field
  6. Check the box for unlock all dragons and unlock all islands
  7. Tap the “update your game” button
  8. Wait for the authentication to finish, choose an offer, complete an offer, and download the activation code
  9. Copy and paste the code into its field and click Activate
  10. Open your Dragons: Rise of Berk game to view the generated resources

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Pamper your dragon with unlimited fishes, and it will show you its love and determination. Grow and collect 18 varied dragons like Nightmares, Typhoomerangs, and Nadders. Enjoy the scenery of untold places. Meet and greet all the 12 Dreamworks dragons. And, transform your baby dragon into an alpha that can control all other dragons. You can do all these with ease if you use Dragons: Rise of Berk online resource generator.