Who wouldn’t want to be a billionaire? Bitcoin Billionaire, as the name implies, is a game aimed at making yourself a billionaire, not in paper cash but bitcoins. The game is highly addictive and is very fun to play – that is if you are a billionaire. The game’s built-in economy purposely wants you to spend to enjoy the game.

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Unsurprisingly, just like the games you find in the app store, Bitcoin Billionaire has its fair share of pesky mobile games – micro-transactions. No doubt that the core mechanics of the game is very fun to play but the limited resources you have, and in turn having to pay up, ruins the capability of the game to increase the overall enjoyment of the game.


Like many others, having limited resources is very frustrating, and just like them, many have also tried to get a workaround from such a dire situation. Many sites have promised people that they offer Bitcoin Billionaire hacks or Bitcoin Billionaire Cheats but what many people will encounter is a fraud, often putting their accounts at risk.


Fortunately, for players of Bitcoin Billionaire who would like to generate free hyperbits and coin doublers (the in-game resources of Bitcoin Billionaire), there is a way.


We introduce to you our Bitcoin Billionaire Gaming Tool. This gaming tool allows you to generate free hyperbits and free coin doublers so that you would not have to worry about resources ever again. You can now enjoy Bitcoin Billionaire free from any annoying micro-transaction pop-ups.


The Bitcoin Billionaire gaming tool has all the features that you want in it. The tool is free to use; there are no hidden fees or micro-transactions. No downloading of additional apps needed, simply follow the instructions and expect to enjoy the game even more. The gaming tool is safe and easy to use. With a few clicks, you can generate free hyperbits and free coin doublers for your game.


To use the Bitcoin Billionaire gaming tool, simply follow the following steps. First, choose which operating system you are running. Currently, the system has two choices: Android and iOS. After choosing your operating system, simply click connect and you can now enjoy your free hyperbits and coin doublers.

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What are you waiting for, generate your free hyperbits and coin doublers now and enjoy Bitcoin Billionaire the way it is meant to be.