Any League of Legends gamer would wish that they have Riot Points or RPs to purchase champion skins. It’s just that these are expensive items and demand a little bit from your wallet to buy. With the new League of Legends hack, you’ll be able to collect skins of every champion in the game. This hack gives away free gift cards and since this is an unlimited gift cards generator, you’ll get a chance to claim tons of Riot points and use them for other purposes.

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Imagine being to play in all 5 roles of the game since you can complete 20 rune pages. You can give good impressions during loading screens because you possess different in game icons. You can also swap with your teammates in champion select and save a terrible line up.

Are you still a newbie in the game? Don’t worry because IP boosts and XP boosts can be purchased with RP. You will reach level 30 in no time and play rank with the best. League of Legends also gives away collectible events where you have to finish a quest and the reward will be an ingredient to complete a certain item. Guess what? Skip the quests and buy the ingredients with RP! You can also show off in game emoticons and skin wards to mock the enemy team. There are tons of possibilities, and with the new League of Legends hack, all your in game desires will be fulfilled.

The League of Legends hack is easy to use. All you need to do is access the website and choose from the gift cards (10$, 25$, 50$). Once you chose a gift card, it will ask you to start the generation of a coupon code. Copy the code and redeem it in the game store. Wait for the game to recognize the code and soon enough, you can use the full potential of Riot Points.

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The hack uses a unique algorithm to generate codes. It is free and safe to use. It is made for game enthusiasts who want to access all in-game features without spending money. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so you can all benefit from the free gift cards. Good luck, summoner! Enjoy the game because this can be the start of your journey to the challenger tier.