Episode – Choose Your Story is an online interactive game that enables the main character and the user a chance to decide in the given situational collection of choices in a story on what will the character do. It also contains different stories, such as Tangled Love, and different genres such as romance, mystery, fantasy, and other more. However, there are qualities of the game that interrupts the user’s entertainment and satisfaction by letting them to consume the given passes and gems which is the key control to continue reading the story.

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Once it consumes, the user has to decide either to purchase more gems and passes or wait the three hour period to refill then the story will continue. Maintaining to go the right and cleanness way may take the gamer to spend a week to complete the story. Due to these aware issues, it may lessen the player’s satisfaction to play the game.

Episode Choose Your Story Cheats tool makes the world of the user to be entertained again without any worry of repurchasing any gem or ticket in the buy shop of the game and release an amount of money to buy just to continue the story straight. The hack provides completely free gems and free passes in Episode interaction game. It is safe to use in a way that your username or accounts would not get hacked by unknown strangers.

Using hacks in this game benefits the players, aside from not spending an amount of money, it improves the satisfaction and amusement they need. Using Episode Choose Your Story hack to get freebies is worth and satisfying with just simple procedures: firstly, the user should provide the user’s username, platform selection (either Android or iOS), and the encryption permission; secondly, the number of gems and passes that the player wants; and lastly, the verification needed to achieve before receiving the unlimited freebies.

It does not require any downloads such as another set of instruction to validate the freebies. It may take a while to receive the freebies. Hence, it is convenient for the players who do not want to spend money for the satisfaction they need.

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Episode free gems and passes hacks is simple and easy to use and can be use repeatedly with the same procedure with no worries. Using this simple and helpful hack can make the user benefit more and can also improve the state of satisfaction and entertainment of the player when interacting through the story since unlimited freebies may be used too much.