Sports entertainment fanatics now have a game to call their own! WWE Champions allows you to live your dream of becoming one of the best WWE Superstars today!

WWE Champions is a puzzle role-playing game that allows you to match up WWE superstars against one another. This is an interactive game that allows the user to create his own stable of talents to achieve superstardom. Players can use their stable of superstars to battle across generations of champions and sports personalities.

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The Road to Legendary Status

Achieving superstardom is not an easy task in the WWE Champions game. You send off your team to the WWE ring to battle against opponents, and then get pin falls to advance. Lose against the competition and you will be shamed on your way out.


Game Features

WWE Champions allows you to interact with other players to compete for prestige. Smack them silly and you are a step closer to your goal of immortality. You earn experience points whenever you fight in the ring. You can use these XPs to upgrade your character. Increase their attributes and equip them with finishing moves to get your opponents down and out.

Run over your opponents with your stable of stars. Customize each member of your stable’s attributes and maximize their skills to damage your enemies.

When you get to match three game pieces, you can uncover signature moves of your favorite stars. Watch John Cena execute his Attitude Adjustment as he rampages to victory. Engage the crowd before delivering The Rock’s epic move, the Rock Bottom. You will get to relive the finishing moves of your favorite stars anytime, anywhere.

You can also recruit and build up upcoming stars from the developmental leagues. Chart your way to superstardom with your entry to weekly bouts and games. You can also match superstars as you see them in Smackdown or Raw as you battle in monthly title chases.

True blue WWE fans can also get the chance to collect their favorite all-time greats. Get the chance to team up your current sports personalities with the legendary icons of the 1980s and the 1990s. Imagine teaming up Andre the Giant with the Big Show and Braun Strowman to create a massive and powerful juggernaut. Take to the skies with the acrobatic Shawn Michaels teaming up with Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. Get freaky putting together Undertaker with Kane and the Boogeyman. The possibilities are endless and no doubt exciting.

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Interactive Entertainment, Inclusive Gameplay

You battle with your friends to create a rivalry against other gamers. You can play on your own and be the supreme wrestler. You have the choice to be a lone wolf or the alpha dog in a team of like-minded individuals.

Execute attacks, build up your character’s energy and pin your rivals with your signature moves. Match three puzzle pieces and you can do these things. Finish your rumbles in less than five minutes and you get extras.

You can team up with your friends to dominate the squared circle in any WWE arena. You get to give them gifts and heal their injuries for better team action. You can also get to receive gifts in return to increase your power up and attributes.


Hack your Way to Superstardom and Fame with WWE Champions Hacks

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Steps to Hack your Way to the Top

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Your Winner by Pinfall

WWE Champions is a fun and entertaining game for people of all ages. You get the chance to pair your favorite stars to create powerful groups. You can act as their manager, directing their movements and getting pins and pride. Hacking your characters to make them legendary with the WWE Champions cheats will elevate your gameplay experience to another level.

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