Fashion City 2 is a trendy simulation game that lets you set up your virtual boutiques, sell clothes, style celebrities, and rule a fashion empire. There are lots of stylish garments, shoes and accessories you can choose from to fill your stores. Additionally, numerous furniture, decorations and interior design options are available to help you customize your shops. However, you have to pay using your in-game coins and gems to buy many of the items and modifications being offered.

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The fun stops when you cannot finish any quest because your Fashion City resources are not enough. If you cannot complete some quests, you will be stuck in the same level for days or even weeks, making it impossible to unlock some of the items and features. The good news is that there is a Fashion City 2 hack that can help you generate the coins and gems you need to fulfill quests and buy clothes, decorations and more.


What the Fashion City 2 Hack Tool Does

The hack tool is by far the most user-friendly and most efficient of all Fashion City 2 cheats out there. Its aim is simple: to provide unlimited gems and coins for free. With this tool, you don’t have to waste your time and money (your actual resources) to buy virtual resources for the game. How the resource generator really operates remains a secret to prevent the game developers from providing a patch that will make the tool ineffective. The secrecy extends to users who took advantage of free and unlimited gems and coins.

To get your free gems and free coins, simply go to the online resource generator. If you are using a laptop or PC to access the tool, make sure you connect your gaming device via the computer’s USB port and then open the Fashion City game in your device. Provide your username and your device’s operating system. Toggle the Enable Encryption field, click the yellow Connect button and you are set to choose the amount of gems and coins you want to get.

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Choose from 100,000 to 99,999,999. After that, click the Generate button and wait until your Fashion City resources get updated. Pay for the items and customizations you wish to have in your fashion stores. Complete all the quests as soon as possible to level up quickly. Build, rule and enjoy your virtual fashion empire without hassle, thanks to the hack tool.