This year, humanity is set to be annihilated. You must become a master of one of history’s greatest heroes to overturn this dreadful fate. Return to the past with your chosen servants and use teh Fate Grand Order hack to save the world.

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Fate Grand Order is based on the hit Fate franchise. Set in an apocalyptic 2017 A.D., Fate Grand Order tells the story of a chosen master. You can become an individual who controls and summons legendary heroes categorized into different classes such as saber, rider, lancer, archer, berserker, caster, and assassin.


At the start of the game, you are stuck with a demi-servant known as Mash, the shielder. She is the weakest hero among all the other legends in the game. You can summon famous heroes like Arthuria the king of knights, Medusa of the Mystic Eyes, Medea the branded witch, and many others, but you need to pay the price. You can either collect friend points or NPs to unlock legendary heroes or pay with real money.


It is indeed hard to amass resources in the game because you need hours or days before you can collect 1,000 FP and NP to draw heroes randomly. The other option for players is to spend cash to buy the resources. However, it’s not a wise decision, especially if there is an available Fate Grand Order hack tool online.


Fate Grand Order Cheats Features


-Obtain free instant NP

Free hit kill

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How to Use Fate Grand Order Hack


  1. Visit the link to the hack.
  2. Launch the hack tool.
  3. Select your operating system and tap connect.
  4. Wait for the decryption process to finish.
  5. Check the “One hit kill” and “Instant NP” options and update your game.
  6. On your right, you must click the download button, save the file, and paste the activation code in the provided field.
  7. Enter your game ID, email, or username and wait for the authentication to finish.
  8. Open your Fate Grand Order game to see the generated resources.


Delve into the universe of Fate to gain historical lessons about the heroes in our history. The game features individuals who existed in the past. These are people and revered Gods who carved their names into tablets, books, statues, songs, and temples. Unlock these powerful beings to learn their skills and story by using the resources that you have generated.

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You can now unlock Arthuria the king of knights, Jeanne D’ Arc the maiden of Orleans, Medusa the youngest Gorgon, Gilgamesh the king of kings, Alexander the king of conquerors, Cu Chulainn the noble lancer, Tamamo no Mae the sly fox, and many noble heroes and anti-heroes. Know their strengths, weaknesses, pains, and sufferings, and their reason for seeking the Holy Grail by acquiring them early in the game. You can now save the world while coming up with a wish yourself.