Free goldFree ruby? This dice cast hack is for you! Just type in how much of these treasures you want, go back rolling your dice and make it to the finish line in a sweep.

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Without spending anything, die cast cheats like this will be your all-time game buddy. Other than being absolutely free, this hack is safe and will require you no downloads at all. Everything will be processed online without even having to ask for a fee or for too much of your personal details. The process is simple and easy, just go to our die cast tool website to get started.


Here’s how this works when using a mobile device:

  1. Enter your Dice Cast username.
  2. Select your mobile platform (Yes, this works for Android, IOS and Windows).
  3. Click the ‘Connect’ button.


If you’re using a desktop computer, connect your device to PC, notebook or Mac using a USB cable. Instead of typing your username, enter the name of your device in the username field. However, please note that prior to clicking the ‘Connect’ button, open the game in your device and leave it open so the dice cast tool can read the data.


Once you’re connected (both for mobile and desktop), you can input the amount of free ruby and free gold you want. Then, click generate. The result? You can get as much as 99,999,999 ruby plus the same amount of gold in one transaction in this awesome dice cast hack! You’ll be a millionaire in your dice cast world within a few minutes without spending a single cent.


So now, what will you do with these free ruby and free gold? Go back to your dice cast game, roll the dice, acquire all the skills in each level and race with your virtual opponents across the globe until you reach the finish line. Enjoy every feature of the game with your millions of free ruby and gold you can generate conveniently at any time with this dice cast hack and never have to pay real money to advance in the game.

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With a handy dice cast hack offering millions of ruby and gold for free such as this, you’ll easily be the first to tap the finish line.