By the end of 2017, the mobile game’s revenue worldwide is estimated to hit a staggering 40.6 billion US dollars.

Most mobile games are downloadable for free, but some games require the purchase of additional episodes, game packs and other in-app purchases to progress. To avoid in-app purchases, players turn to hacks and cheats found on the internet.

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A new game called Zombie Catchers caught the attention of many because it is unlike any zombie game application. In less than a year, Zombie Catchers garnered 10 million downloads in Google Play Store.

The objective of the game is to catch zombies and earn a profit from them. The zombies are hidden underground and you need to use a bait to catch them. You have to watch out, though because they can be pretty quick.

The game is free to download, fun and addicting to play. The only downside is it needs a lot of Plutonium to catch the zombies.

Plutonium is equivalent to gems in other games. You get rewarded with Free Plutonium with every progress you make in the game. However, the disparity between the number of Plutonium you receive and the number of Plutonium you need to use is quite big.

The Plutonium is necessary to purchase some upgrades and to power up your search drone although some upgrades are purchased using coins.

Coins are easy to earn as long as you keep selling Zombie extracted juice. You also earn free coins everytime you catch a zombie or kill vermins.

The coins are used to buy weapons and machines that you need to your game progress. You can make in-app purchases of game packs to receive more coins and Plutonium.

Players found a solution by using Zombie Catchers hack and Zombie Catchers cheats tools.

You can find websites like Lifewire that host cheat tools for mobile games. Simply go to their site, choose what you need – free coins or free plutonium and click the connect button to link your device to their site. The site will detect your device using your IP address.

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To activate your request, you need to follow a series of instructions to get your freebies. You can download as many resources as you need with these kinds of cheats and upgrade the level of your game fast and easy.