Tobuild a village through paradise simulation is no joke but what more work and time will it demand if you turn your village into a city? It is very time consuming and wallet emptying because it will require you so much game time and sometimes, you will get really tempted in purchasing diamonds in order to buy new lands for your buildings.

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Now, here’s the best hacking tool for you to use in your game! Improve your village, turn it into a city, and manage it well without thinking about how long will you spend your time in front of your computer or mobile device. You don’t even have to waste money for those diamonds that cost so much!

Hacking Tool Features:

  • Free Cheats and Hacks. Legit!

No hidden charges, unlike those you first tried. We won’t hype you in following the steps and then leave you without getting your diamonds and cash because this is absolutely free and definitely not a scam!

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This tool won’t force gamers to install and download such hacking app or tool because it is accessible online, 24/7!

  • Safe and Easy to Use!

Don’t worry about getting caught by the game developers and other users because this has been proven and tested by many users around the globe. This hacking tool was also designed very friendly to users and cheating in the game can be attained just by following the easy steps below.

How to use the Village City Island Sim 2 Hacking Tool:

  1. For Mobile Device Users: Enter your Village City Island Sim 2 username in the field box.

For Desktop Computer Users: Connect your device to your computer and on the username field box, put the device name.

  1. Choose what type of OS (Operating System) you are using. Choose from Android or IOS (Apple).
  2. After connecting, open your game and leave it open so that the data will be read.
  3. Enter how many diamonds and cash you want. (Note: You can enter whatever number you like!)
  4. Click GENERATE and wait for the encrypting process.

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Be one of the top players and use your free diamonds and cash to build buildings and buy as many lands as you want. You can come back for more anytime!