Travel from East Blue to the New World boarding the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny Go with Luffy’s coolest nakama – Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Robin, Chopper, Franky and Brook. Form an allegiance with other powerful pirates such as Ace, Trafalgar Law and Jimbei. Beat up other pirates and help Luffy find the great treasure of One Piece in his journey of becoming the Pirate King!

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One Piece Thousand Storm is a 3D mobile game, which is as popular as its anime and manga series counterparts. It allows gamers to journey across the sea, discover new islands, fight marines and other pirates together with Luffy and friends. Helping the Strawhat Pirates to realize their dreams is not a simple task; you have to assist them in unleashing their hidden skills and aid them in completing special missions to earn them rainbow coins.

Rainbow coins are of great value in completing the game because they help in unlocking new islands, activate powerful skills and abilities and collecting new friends along the way. The greater the amount of rainbow coins, the easier it is to power up the characters, the bigger the possibility of defeating marines and villains, and the larger the chance of finishing the game. Now, how do you acquire a great ton of rainbow coins?

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