What is Guns Girl – School Day Z?

Guns Girl – School Day Z is a simple pick-up-and-play action arcade game by miHoYo Co., Ltd. Players are thrusted into a zombie apocalyptic world where they are tasked to fight the hordes of the dead and to collect various equipment as they progress. The game boasts beautiful anime styled art as well as simple game mechanics. In addition to this, the game is also free for both iOS and Android platforms.

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Why Use Guns Girl – School Day Z Hack Tool?

The game is indeed enjoyable with fun and unique characters. But as the player progresses through the game, he will often encounter situations that can compromise his progress. During these situations, the lack of resources can be devastating thus players are given the option to exchange real life cash for in-game currency. Though choosing not to do so may result to some major setbacks thus players are often highly encouraged to spend their money by the almost constant pop-up ads.


Is there any other way to play without in-app purchases? Yes! Using our Guns Girl – School Day Z cheats, you will be able to obtain free cash, free crystals, free ammo and free HP! Why part ways with your hard earned cash when you can use our hack tool to instantly generate resources?



  • Free – Take your cash as we have no need for it! Our hack tool is 100% free!
  • Safe – Most players fears the great Ban ultimatum which is given to players who exhibits bad conduct and to those who are brave enough to go against the system. Though we can’t promise you that our tool is 100% safe, the possibility of you being banned is extremely low.
  • Easy to Use – No need for those pesky and unnecessary downloads that only takes up your precious storage. Our hack tool is completely web-based so you can access it whenever and wherever you want. (Just be sure to have a proper internet connection.)
  • Compatibility – Our hack tool can support all types of systems be it a computer or a mobile device, we assure you that you will receive your resources in a blink of an eye.


How To


  • Choose what OS you are using (Android or iOS).


  • Click the ‘connect’ button. (Waiting time may vary depending on internet speed.)


  • Type the amount of needed resources on each specific field. (cash, crystals, ammo, HP)


  • Click the ‘generate’ button.


  • Wait for a few moments. (Waiting time may depend on your internet speed.)

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  • Enjoy!

Be sure to come back when you need more in-game resources!