Gems of war is your usual match-three puzzle with a twist. The game is set in a seemingly medieval era where you would need to liberate different towns. To liberate towns, you would need to play matches against eithers real time players or AIs. Whether you win or lose depends on the colors you match and how you strategize your attack to your opponent. Matching colored mana spheres increases the power of your magic attack depending on your character and matching skulls launches the attack to your opponent. Sounds promising right? But here’s the catch. You would need to spend gold for every match you play. The good news is, you don’t have to shell out your hard earned cash to buy gems of war gold! All you need to do is use the Gems of War Hack tool.

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Benefits from using Gems of War Cheats tool

Gems of War game is not like the common match-three puzzle games where you just lose stamina and gain them again over time by just waiting. If you would really like to play gems of war for hours and days, you need to spend real cash for the gold. Aside from spending gold for every match, the game also requires your to spend gold in order to liberate towns. But with the Gems of War Hack tool, all you have to do is connect your account in the game and voila! you could generate an unlimited amount of gold for your character, and your could liberate all the towns you would like (in the game, of course).

Exciting Features of the Free Gem Generator

It is free. This is the main and best feature of this Gems of War cheat. You don’t need to spend a cent! It is free to use for everyone who wants to enjoy the game.

It does not require downloads. This tool don’t need to eat up space on your phone storage to be awesome. Since the free gold generator is url based, you would not need to download the app for the tool. It’s simply because, there wasn’t an app to download in the first place!

It is safe. You don’t have to worry about getting viruses or being spammed with malicious advertisements while using this free gem generator. It is absolutely safe and easy to use.

It is easy to use. You don’t need to be a computer geek to be able to use this hacking tool. The website interface is simple and user friendly. You just need to follow a few simple instructions to start enjoying your free Gems of War resources.

Access Online Generator - Click Here

Step by Step guide on how to use Gems of War Hack tool

  • If you are using your phone to play the game, enter the username for your game account and select the platform that you are using, either android or IOS.
  • If you are using a desktop or any other computer, you need to connect the device to your PC and input the name of the device in the username field. You also need to open the game and keep it open in order for the hacking tool to read your game data.
  • Switch the enable encryption field to “on”. Click connect to encrypt your account.
  • After this, the game of war resources generator found at the bottom of the page will be enabled.
  • All you have to do now is enter the amount of resources you need to have for your game and click generate.
  • Enjoy non-stop Gems of War playing!