Forge of Glory is a free-to-play hybrid application of tower defense, city building, role playing and matching game.It was released on January 24, 2016 by its publisher, Kefir!

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As a hybrid game, this is played by building your own city wherein you can generate resources that you need in the game such as Gold, Stone and Gems. Like common city-building games, players can also build defense structures that can help protect the city and the resources from your opponents.

During PvP battle or while foraging for additional resources from nearby towns, players have to play matching games wherein players has to connect as much colored tiles as possible. The more tiles connected, the stronger is the attack of your hero against its opponent.

Why use Forge of Glory Hack?

Forge of Glory is considered by most gamers as one of the most expensive games out there since the smallest package of in-game resource is priced at around $6.

And if ever you consider playing the game straight on, without using premium currencies of the game you’re definitely in for a terribly long wait and boring farming sessions. This games’ level of difficulty also increases dramatically which makes you exhaust all available resources faster than normal.

Upgrading building and defense structures are also a bit more difficult than usual because the game allows you only one upgrade at a time.

In this view, using a Forge of Glory Cheats is indeed the wiseroption. You can get free gold, stone and gems using this hack without needing to fork out money.


This Forge of Glory Hack tool can give you unlimited source of free gems, gold and stones to help you conquer the said game. Unlike other cheats out there, this one does not require to download and install anything. It is also quite easy to use and is totally free and safe! So need to worry over having your Forge of Glory game account deactivated.

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To use this hack tool in order to get free stone, gems and gold, all you have to do is access the cheat portal and choose the operating system that you use. Then, input that amount of stone, gems and gold that you want to generate. The only requirement to successfully use this Forge of Glory Cheats is to get an activation code by accomplishing a short survey, a lesser evil as compared to waiting for upgrades and slow advancement in the game.