In a nutshell, My Hospital is a hospital simulation game that allows you to decorate, manage, and maintain an entire health care facility. The goal of this game is to cure all patients through the addition of important medical facilities (e.g. treatment rooms, doctor’s offices, laboratories) and by creating remedies for various funny diseases, such as chilli throat condition and slimey lungs.

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Collecting Coins and Hearts in My Hospital

The game is fun and free to play, however, there are certain items that can be purchased for real money. Moreover, the coins and the hearts that you earn by playing the game and from leveling up might not be enough if you intend to level up even faster. In almost every game, to level up is to gain additional skills or XP and access to further, cooler stuff. It also means more enjoyable game play because the fun actually starts when you have more abilities, items, and of course, resources.

In My Hospital, coins are used to build rooms, facilities, and machinery, while hearts are used to speed up processes like patient treatment, medicine production, and building construction. In addition, you can use hearts to purchase missing resources like when treatment elixir runs out. Certainly, it helps to have ample supplies of these two resources when you are in the process of growing your virtual hospital.

But then again, what if it takes quite some time to earn coins, hearts or other resources?

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The Benefits of My Hospital Hack and Cheats

Luckily for this game, there is a remedy. My Hospital Hack tool is a free software solution that allows an otherwise slow-paced game to progress faster. It is web-based and, therefore, does not require downloads. More importantly, it provides a safe and easy to use platform where you can collect free, unlimited resources.


Generating Free Hearts and Coins from the Tool

Using your mobile device browser, go to the My Hospital Cheats link to access the resource generator page, enter your game username and operating system (e.g. Android), then click on “Connect.” On the other hand, if you are using a personal computer, connect your mobile device to the same PC before accessing the resource generator page and prior to entering your details. Remember to open the game as well, and to keep it that way until you’re done with all the steps.

The next step will just be a simple verification that you are a human, not a robot, user. Once successfully verified, you must choose and complete one offer. The Free Hearts and Free Coins will be added to your account after your successful completion of this offer.

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Restart the game and enjoy your free resources. Happy life-saving!