Playing Dragon Ball Z on mobile is a dream come true for many, but unlocking everything in the game (particularly the characters) remains impossible to most. It seems that only those who are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the game have a chance at getting all Super Rare and Ultra Rare characters. Well, actually, with the right Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hacks, there’s no such thing as impossible.

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The iconic anime’s mobile entry isn’t that unique in terms of gameplay. If you’ve played board games before, you’ll surely agree that Dokkan Battle is mainly a themed variant of such entertainment options. It tries to set itself apart with its color-matching mechanics, but that just makes it more similar to certain titles. Despite not being a breakthrough, Bandai Namco’s offering is undeniably fascinating – especially to those who grew up watching the animated show.

Since everything seems fair at first, and with the appeal of forming your own team of warriors at its peak, you probably won’t think that the game essentially forces you to spend. That realization comes after you’ve spent hours or days grinding to get your preferred characters, and finding out that the RNG-based system isn’t an attempt at establishing fairness among paying and free customers. Yes, it’s a way to force you to gamble through micro-transactions.

Is there really no other way than to spend? Truth be told, with the right Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hacks, there’s no need to spend even a dime. This Dragon Stones & Zeni generator, for example, gives you everything you need – without requiring more than a few clicks. Of course, there’s the verification process that you’ll have to complete, but that’s a minor downside given what you’ll get afterwards. After a few minutes, you’ll finally be doing random character unlocks like there’s no tomorrow.

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Here’s the most important thing – unlike most Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats, the generator works without compromising your account. You won’t be flagged as a cheater and you’ll be able to finally enjoy the game to its fullest. All in all, if you haven’t tried a good, working generator yet, it’s about time that you do.