Hungry Shark Evolution is the 5th game in the Hungry Shark series from developer Future Games of London. Winning this game is all about skill and reaction but, just like any game, Hungry Shark Evolution’s gaming experience can be “tweaked” with a few improvements.

Before you learn how you can enhance your gaming with some Hungry Shark Evolution Hacks, there are a few details that need to be dealt with first.

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What is It?

The Hungry Shark series is a collection of videogames for mobile devices that feature, as the title implies, hungry sharks. The goal of the game is survival. Basically, you have to live for as long as possible by letting the hungry shark consume all manner of sea creatures.

How you are rewarded in each gaming session depends on how many creatures you can eat and complete a number of objectives. Eating in succession leads to a series of increasing multipliers which increases the points you earn at the end of each round.

The highlight of the game are the different sharks which have different sets of strengths, weaknesses, and score multipliers. Most of these sharks are available from the start although some have to be unlocked, discovered, or, in some cases, bought. However, there is also another way of unlocking them: through the help of a Hungry Shark Evolution Gems Generator.

In-Game Currency

Like many videogames, Hungry Shark Evolution employs a currency system that allows you to unlock other characters, maps, and items. The most common form of currency are coins which is the game’s standard resource.

Coins are earned through completing missions and objectives as well as racking up the highest possible points in each game. You can then use these coins to purchase accessories, decorations for the boat, and other sharks.

Gems, on the other hand, serve as Hungry Shark Evolution’s “premium” currency. They are harder to earn than coins but allow you to purchase higher-valued items at the in-app store.

Either way, you can earn gems and coins through beating the game’s levels and completing secondary objectives. Also, they can be purchased through watching advertisements inside the game and purchasing them at the in-app store with real world money.

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How Cheats Work

Unlike many game-breaking and illegal hacks, the Hungry Shark Evolution cheats were designed to give you the two things that you need to have the best experience playing the game: coins as well as gems. Think of it as some form of unlimited resources cheat although you have to get them outside the game.

By visiting a site with a Hungry Shark Evolution Coins Generator, you will then be prompted to provide vital information like your username in the game, your email address, and other identifying details. You need not worry about this, though, as the generator is only asking who you are and to where they should send the coins and gems to.

After this, you will then be required to input the amount of coins and gems you need. Any amount is possible so as long as it does not go beyond the limit set by the developers for the game.

It will take a while for the generator to process the request depending on your connection but it should not take more than 10 minutes. You will know if the process was successful if the amount of currency you requested was added to your existing inventory. From here on, you can repeat the process as many times as you want.


Are cheats and hacks legal? The answer is no. Not a single game developer out there would design their games to have cheats unless, of course, if they put the feature in the game themselves.

Are they safe? The answer is yes. Unlimited resource cheats are one of the “safer” hacks out there as they do not interfere or violate with the game’s code. This means that you can use as much Hungry Shark Evolution free coins (as well as gems) without being banned.

However, if you want to test it out first without ruining your current account, you can always set up a new account for the hacks. This way, you can compare how it is to play normally and with the unlimited resources.

There is also the concern that your computer will get a virus by using these generators. The truth of the matter is that the generators themselves are web-based which means you don’t have to download anything just to use them.

The gems and coins themselves are even similar to the ones you get legitimately in the game. This should ensure you that the game itself recognizes them as part of its code and you yourself are technically not breaking its rules.

And then there is the concern is if they are free and the answer is yes. The best gem and coin generators are readily available and will not require a monthly subscription to use. This means that you can use them as much as you can without paying an amount for every transaction you make.

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The Bottom Line

Once you have an unlimited supply of Hungry Shark Evolution free gems and coins, you can then start on focusing on what matters: getting better at the game. The free resources you get from the online generators should be enough to unlock all that the game has to offer to you. As for the rest, you will have to win them by mastering the skills and discovering each and every secret that the developers have put in place.