Gods once ruled the world. Almighty beings who resided in Mt. Olympus. They once controlled the lives of humans, sending blessings or creating catastrophes. Now, it is your turn to control them by using the divine power of the Gods of Olympus hack.

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Gods of Olympus is a real-time strategy game where players can command a God to plunder a city or build one for themselves. Typical to RTS games, players are faced with the challenge of amassing resources in Gods of Olympus. Resources are needed in fortifying a city or unlocking a God. You need many gems and coins to build, upgrade, and unlock structures, and to arm and strengthen your Gods.

The Gods serve as your armies in this game, so they are critical in your defense and offense. A God has the power of a thousand man battalion, but keep in mind that opponents also possess this strength. Leveling them up and equipping them with skills are the only methods to increase their total statistics. You need a lot of gems and coins to do so-the same with city structures.

Naturally, it takes hours after hours of repeated gameplay before you can amass gems and coins. There are indeed events and daily bonuses for acquiring resources, but for how long do you need to continue such strategy. You can spend cash for instant resources. However, it’s not a smart move if you can generate coins and gems for free. The cheat below can provide all of your Gods of Olympus needs.


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  1. Go to the hack tool site.
  2. Select the system where you play Gods of Olympus and click connect.
  3. Input the desired number of coins and gems in its respective field.
  4. Click the orange button on your left.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Copy and paste the code into the activation field and click activate.
  7. Enter your Gods of Olympus user name and wait for the free gems and coins to load into your game account.