Would you like to build your own weed farm? You can do that on your mobile by playing Bud Farm Grass Roots! It is a fun weed farming game introduced by East Side Games in 2014. This game allows you to tend to virtual marijuana plants that you can harvest to fulfill orders of other potheads like you. You can grow real-life cannabis strains such as Pineapple Express, OG Kush, and Super Silver Haze.

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Basically, the game is all about farming, harvesting, and selling your pot goods in your own Dispensary. The main currencies used in this game are pot bucks and coins. These two can be used to get upgrades, exchange pot goods, and speed up the grow time of your plants.

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What to Do?

There are several game cheats available on the Internet today. But are you sure that these cheats really work? Truth is, there are Bud Farm Grass Roots cheats that work. There is also a bucks and coins generator that can help you gain that much-needed advantage in your weed farming game.

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