Niantic Labs is a company known for developing augmented reality games. In November 15, 2012, it released the initial version of Ingress – a location-based game built on top of Google Map application. Ever since, the fanatics of the said game continuously increase. Even up to this date, the battle between the two factions – the Enlightened and the Resistance –  is still at its peak.

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How Ingress Works  

As part of Ingress’ game play, all players have to choose one of the two game factions. The Enlightened team believes in the positive impact of ‘The Shapers’, a mysterious alien race, to human evolution while the Resistance aims to protect humanity and its freedom from such interference. These two are opposing sides of the coin, which tries to gain control of real world portals that emits Exotic Matter (EM).

These portals are real world locations and landmarks. A player has to be physically present at the designated portals and deploy resonators to claim it for their faction. All claimed portal are colored depending on the faction that controls it. Green for Enlightened, blue for resistance and gray for unclaimed portals.

Each portal controlled by a faction can be connected to form a triangle called control field. The faction controlling that field has claims over the Mind Units (MU) inside the triangulated location. These mind units are relative to the population of the particular area covered by the control field. The more Mind Units a faction has, the closer it gets toward world domination.

Chaotic Matter Units (CMU) and what it is for

To generate in-games sales, Niantic Labs introduced an online shop wherein the players can buy special in-game items like resonators and Exotic Matter Pulse (XMP) Burster, which is used for destroying control fields of the opposing team. These items can be bought using Chaotic Matter Units (CMU) – the official game currency – that in turn can be purchased using real life currencies.

Another way to get CMUs without shelling out money is by using an Ingress hack that can give you free CMU.

Features of Ingress Free CMU Generator

This free CMU generator is accessible via an online web portal which means it does require any download and installation from its users. It is also guaranteed to work on all kinds of devices, be it android or iOS. And due to the regular script updates from its developers, this Ingress cheat engine is totally safe and undetectable.

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How to use Ingress Free CMU Generator

To use this tool, simply access the web portal where it is launched. Then, choose the device that you use and input the amount of CMU that you want on the form provided and click the GENERATE button.

This will trigger the system to connect to the game server. Once connected, the tool will ask you to complete an offer or a survey. By doing this, you will unlock an Activation Code that is needed by the system as part of its verification requirement.

After providing the correct Activation Code, the hack tool will automatically credit your Ingress account with the number of CMUs that you initially specified.