You are the newest Marketing Assistant at Ryan Corp., an influential enterprise in New York. In your new workplace, you are given an overwhelming amount of workload and introduced to a lot of interesting people, including your dreamy Manager. Gabriel Simons is known for causing plenty of broken hearts. As you continue to work under him, you start to develop feelings for him. Will you be just another one of his girls, or are you going to beat him at his flirting game?

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That’s how the gameplay of Is-it Love? Gabriel. It is an interactivegame where the choices you make affect the flow of the story. It let’s you play the heroine in the story and find your road to happily ever after.

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Same as most interactive story games, Is-it Love? Gabriel is designed to be like a book. The story is divided to chapters that you unlock by using energy. You are given a limited amount of energy, and to get more, you have to wait for hours.

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