Candy Crush is the most popular and biggest money maker game ever released in the market.

Since its initial release in 2012, King game has released several series in the same saga including the 2016 version, Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Just like the original Candy Crush, the core of the game is a match three candies game. If you match four or more candies in a row, the candy turns into a booster. These boosters help you match more candies in a row helping you move one level up faster.

As you move to a higher level, the difficulty increases and you lose lives faster. To gain more lives, you need to wait several hours for the game to refill or you can request lives from friends. Both these methods take time. The fastest way of getting more lives is to buy them using gold bars.

To get gold bars, you need to spend real money which is expensive. The alternative is the use of Jelly Saga hack and Jelly Saga cheats websites.

These websites offer free gold bars if you use their free gold bars generator tool.

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Why use the tool:

The Jelly Queen’s life seems endless. Every time you get so close to winning, she thwarts you at every turn.

No matter how many times you get so close to winning, one wrong move and everything crumbles. It can be frustrating if you see your friends leveling up while you get stuck below.

You can use the gold bars but only until your stash lasts or if you spend real money to refill your stash.

Using the tool will give you an endless supply of gold bars which you can use to purchase additional lives or to purchase boosters that would give you better leverage when playing.


Features of the tool:

Erase all doubts you have about using free gold bars generator tool. Just to ease your mind, here are some of its cool features:

  • Ease of use. No need to download anything on your device. Simply provide your username and your OS to connect to our tool.
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  • It runs on any device and platform.The tool works on your PC, your tablet, your smartphone, and iPhone. It can run on windows, iOS, and Android platforms.
  • The tool is free. The best feature of this is it is completely free. You do not need to spend real money to enjoy using your free gold bars. You can add more lives and more boosters to level up and finally beat the Jelly Queen.


Connect your device now:

Using the tool will not remove the challenge of the game.

How the game is played still depends on you. The tool will only serve to give you more leverage against other players.

You can start earning your free gold bars now by visiting our free gold bars generator and connecting your device.

  • Provide your user name and choose your OS from the drop down menu
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