Stealing gold and gems and living more like a King is amazingly awesome. Can you dodge, andsteal the gold stash of other players? Well then, the King of Thieves is the right game for you. Thisnewrelease from the creators of the prized game Cut the Rope can be as stimulating and spine-tingling as any other game. This can be downloaded for free for Android and IOS devices.

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The goals of the game are to steal shiny things, defend your loot, claim the throne, getting newoutfits, travelling and exploring, and creating and joining guilds. To reach these goals, you need to outwit other players. To outwit other players, you need to use the King of Thieves hack. Although stealing is the main goal of this game, having free gems and free gold is pretty hilarious!


How does it work?


To get free gems and gold, you need to visit the website where you can find the free gold and gems generator. The process does not require downloads, so no need to worry about space andcompatibility. This is very safe and easy to use. You can get an unlimited amount of gold, gems, outfits and other necessities of the game. Just type in your desired amount of resources,enable the check box Unlock Boards, then click on update your game. TheKing of Thieves cheats tool will then direct you to the Human verification page, then itwill give you an activation code.In a blink of an eye, your account will be supplied with gold and gems.


Why use the King of Thieves Hack 


Gold is the in-game currency that is used for upgrades, while gems are the key and the main objective of the game, allowing you to move up in the game. To surprise and beat your opponents, you should have an ample amount of gold and gems of different colors. It will take days and even weeks to have these. If you have money, you can purchase these online. But why purchase if you can have them for free?


With King of Thieves cheats, you can easily obtain free gold and gems. The higher the number below the gem, the more important it is, and the more it levels up your gem score. Defeating all your opponents will bring you to the initial 10 Leagues. If you are one of the top three players in each league at the end of every three days,you will then be promoted to the next league. Once you’re in the league, you then can claim an enormous orb bonus. The higher the leagues the more bonus orbs you can claim.

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The King of Thieves Cheats Features:

  1. Absolutelyfree – Free gemsand free gold are the main objectives of the game. With goldyou can upgrade traps, skip dungeons during match making, do dungeon upgrade, buy the default and secondary trap sets in new dungeons and create new guilds. With gems, you can immediately advance to the higher leagues with no effort. All of these are free.
  2. Does not require download – The site is web-based so there is no need for you to worry about additional space of your memory or compatibility since this does not require any downloads.

3.      Very safe – You don’t have to worry about getting caught or banned from the game. The site is absolutely safe because our software developers