Mobile-based action games with intense storylines and impressive graphics are all the rage this year, and League of Stickmen is no exception. Players choose from a variety of heroes, who will go against the monsters threatening their world. Gold and Gems are rewarded to heroes after successful missions, which can then be used to purchase useful items and upgrades.

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However, earning gold and gems isn’t an easy feat. It takes up a lot of time, and can even be frustrating. Of course, players can buy gems and gold using real money, but not everyone can afford that luxury. Luckily, there is an easy way to obtain free gems and free gold.

How does it work?

To obtain free game currency, the first thing to do is visit our website. Our League of Stickmen hack is browser-based, so it doesn’t require any software download or jailbreak. Additionally, players can use this hack almost instantly and absolutely free of charge.

To do so, all you have to do is choose your mobile platform, and click the “Connect” button. You’d be glad to know that this hack works for both iOS and Android operating systems. Once you’re connected, you can now input your desired amount of free gems and free gold and click the “Update Your Game” button – and voila! Just refresh your profile so it can reflect the updated statistics.

Why are Gems and Gold important?

Although the game itself is available for free, certain features require unlocking. Gold is used to upgrade the hero’s skills, while gems are considered as the game’s premium currency. With gems, players can unlock new heroes with better skill sets, which will help unlock more chapters and events to move forward with the game.

Both of these game currencies can be obtained by defeating monsters and winning missions. Thus, without League of Stickmen cheats, earning gems and gold would require hard work, and would take up too much time.


Why use the League of Stickmen Hack Tool?

The game itself is fun, interactive, and thrilling. However, it may take a while for players to unlock new chapters and worlds because the reward system is not generous. And although the game offers a lottery scheme, players do not always receive gems or gold.

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Additionally, those who wish to buy gems and gold need to shell out up to about $100 for 6,500 gems. Thus, for full gaming pleasure without having to repeat a certain chapter – or without spending too much – this League of Stickmen hack is guaranteed to provide free gems and free coins to your liking.