Miitomo is a social networking app, an avatar creator, and an interactive game all rolled into one. Nintendo’s Miitomo isn’t just a free social networking mobile application for conversing with your friends, it is also a character building game wherein you can create your own, well, character and customize it any way you want. Miitomo has various other features that make playing and socializing even more exciting.

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Once you’re done creating your own character, you can then give it a nickname, dress it up, and take pictures of it for sharing on social media. You can also customize its appearance and behavior, and allow it to socialize with other Mii’s – your friends Mii’s. Then, customize your room, flaunt your stuff in Style Central, and create even more Mii’s.


What to Do with Mii Money?


Miitomo’s many features can both be a boon and a bane. While the game, in general, is loads of fun, collecting Miitomo coins can prove to be very challenging.


Miitomo coins are the only in-game currency that you need to be able to play – you don’t need gems or elixirs or energy. You earn coins by playing the game, and you use these to buy things that your Mii needs (e.g. clothing, room styling needs). You also need these coins to be able to play the mini-game, Miitomo Drop.


It can be a bummer when you do not have enough of these coins!


No Money, No Problem…


Some Miitomo Cheats should be able to give you free coins without you having to spend a dime, and sans the worry because you won’t be asked to download anything to enjoy the free resources. It is web-based, undetectable and, therefore, 100% safe. Plus, it’s free, too!


Use your mobile phone or PC’s browser to connect to the Miitomo Hack tool or free coins generator. First, select your operating system then click on “Connect.”


Next, enter your desired number of resources and then click “Update Your Game.”

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Finally, get an activation code to be granted your requested resources. Click on the “Download” button and then fulfill one of the offers that you’ll be presented. After completing an offer, you’ll be given a code to enter into the activation box. Select “Activate” then restart your game. You’ll have a load of Miitomo free coins for you to spend in the game.