If you are currently hooked on playing Mystic Messenger, then this article is perfect for you. Are you tired of waiting for an hourglass to come by? Or maybe you need some calling cards to contact the members of your organization? Well, wait no more! Here is a quick list of the easiest hacks and cheats for your Mystic Messenger free hourglass.

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The hourglass is a very important resource that you will need to accomplish the tasks that are going to be assigned to you every day. You will also need a lot of hourglass to put together the party that everyone is going to be very excited about.

Now, you don’t really need to be a game developer or an IT person to achieve your A-game for this app. There are lot of sites that offer Mystic Messenger hacks which would enable you to gain access to unlimited hourglass which would help you level up your gameplay.

Try these free hacking tools and cheats to make playing a lot easier, as well as enjoyable!


This site was created for the purpose of providing a solution to the lack of resources while playing Mystic Messenger. The hack generating tool of this site gives away up to 125,000 hourglass and 99,999 hearts every day, and it’s all for free. The tool will only ask for your account username, email address, your location, and the type of device that you are using. You might also need to fill out a survey form just for verification purposes. This tool is free and easy to use.


This site has developed an online hack generating tool for Mystic Messenger that anyone can use anytime. The tool features unlimited hourglass, free usage, worldwide scope, encrypted connection, and malware-free processing. The Mystic Messenger hourglass generator doesn’t have to be downloaded, which is great for people who are uncomfortable with the idea. They also keep the tool updated from time to time to ensure its functionality, and that its encryptions are intact.


MyGameCheats have just recently released their final version of the hacking tool for Mystic Messenger. The online hack generator of this site can provide as much as 999,999 hourglass per day, unlimited calling cards, and access to ultimate premium packages of the game ALL FOR FREE. The hacking tool is very simple and easy to use and has regular script updates for the convenience of the players.


LowerPing has created this hacking tool for Mystic Messenger Cheats for unlimited hourglass, unlimited hearts, and unlimited calling cards for free. Their tool is very simple, effective, and can be accessed from any device. The tool comes with an Anti-ban shield to protect the player’s game progress. They also have an IP Proxy Tool, which is important when you’re hacking, as it helps secure the player’s identity and other critical information.


Githubgist assures its users a 99-100% effectiveness for their hacking tool for Mystic Messenger free hourglass. The cheat tool will only take a few seconds to load up the new resources into your account, therefore allowing you to use it right away. Crazy, right? Their tool also works on all kinds of devices, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Aside from unlimited hourglass, the tool also provides extra abilities in the game that may prove to be very useful as you progress.


This site is quite known to provide effective and user-friendly hack generating tools for any requested games, so it’s not really surprising that they are able to provide one for this app too. Their hack and cheat generating tool for Mystic Messenger provides access to 999,999 hourglass every day, along with other helpful features such as unlimited hearts, early access to game updates, and other necessary resources that you will need in order to organize a successful party right away. All you need to do is download their hack generating tool onto your Android or IOS device to properly sync the game with the tool, fill out the necessary information, and you’re good to go.

Aside from these tools, you may also want to try and modify the game using some apps like Lucky Patcher or Game Guardian. You will need a bit of tech know-how when it comes to this, option, however.

All the tools listed here were tested by before they were launched online. Many have tried it before and were satisfied with the results—these are some of the best tools available online, after all.

Use these Mystic Messenger hacks to up your gameplay and make it more enjoyable!