Restaurant Story: Earth Day is a free to play virtual reality game that lets you experience how to manage and build your own restaurant. It was published by Storm8 Studios in April 18, 2016 for both android and iOS mobile platforms.

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In this game, you can decorate and personalize your store, customize your own set of menus and even socialize with other co-restaurant owners.

Like most mobile games today, Restaurant Story: Earth Day has its own set of in-app currencies in the form of coins, gems, and stars. These resources are used for upgrading and buying items and decorations in the game.

To advance in the Restaurant Story: Earth Day means having to diligently farm and save these game currencies. However, this also means spending a lot of your time and effort in the game. For those who want a shortcut to achieving their ideal restaurant, purchasing it in the game store is one valid option.

Another way to get coins, gems and stars without using money and having to endlessly farm for resources is by means of a Restaurant Story: Earth Day hack tool with the following special features:

  • Unlimited free stars
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To use this Restaurant Story: Earth Day cheats tool, just check out their web portal. On the pop up window, choose the mobile platform that you use in playing the game, either android or iOS. Then, allow the hack tool to connect to the game by clicking on the CONNECT button.

Once connected, you will be asked to specify the amount of stars, coins, and gems that you want to be added into your account. After that, you will be asked to input an activation code to verify that you are human and not some bot trying to bug down the system.

This activation code can be retrieved by accomplishing a short 5-minute survey. Once you are able to provide the correct code, the Restaurant Story: Earth Day hack portal will automatically credit your account with the resources that you initially requested.

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Using this tool allows you to enjoy hours and hours of game play, seeing your restaurant prosper without having to wait a long time to accumulate gems, coins, and stars.