Lawns were set ablaze in the latest action-packed game from one of EA Games’ most popular franchises: Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. In this online, multiplayer trading card-type game, feisty plant heroes like Penelopea, Wall-knight, and Citron battle the hungry zombie heroes whose gang includes Super Brainz, Professor Brainstorm, and The Smash.

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Unlike the former PVZ games – Plants vs Zombies Classic and Plant vs Zombies: It’s About Time – where you have to defend your lawn by using plants in a tower-defense style play, Plants vs Zombies: Heroes uses card decks and lets you choose your side. Would you use sunlight and fight as a plant hero with all of its plant sidekicks? Or would you rather use your brains and fight as a zombie hero with all of its zombie minions?

Either way, you have to outtrick your opponents (by literally using trick cards) and deplete their health to claim victory. But victory can only be achieved with relative ease when your decks are fully-boosted.

To boost your decks, you need gems to buy card packs and coins to produce individual cards. Although the game is free-to-play, one cannot deny that purchasing in-game content would maximize your PVZ: Heroes experience. If you are looking for Plants vs Zombies Heroes Cheats to earn Free Gems and Free Coins, try this Plants vs Zombies Heroes Hack. Click this link: and follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Connect the gaming tool to your game account by entering your username (e.g. ZombeeKillah) and by identifying your device’s OS (Android or iOS).

Step 2: Select the amount of gems and coins that you need then press GENERATE. A pop-up window will appear. Click VERIFY.

STEP 3: Another window should appear. It would say ‘Final Step’. Accomplish one (1) of the given tasks to finish the process.

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That’s it. No tricks, no gimmicks. After completing all three steps, just wait and reload your game account and you will receive tons of coins and gems that you can use to get that glorious Dark Matter Dragon Fruit or that terrifying Zombot 1000. Who knows, you may also end up getting Beta Carrotina and Huge-Giganticus: the new heroes from the Galactic Gardens update! Go, earn your gems and coins and may the best hero win!