The original Pumped BMX was a solid side-scrolling stunt-bombing game that was incredibly fun to play. Much of its success came from the smooth and easy control system that made doing stunts in succession easier than expected. The sequel Pumped BMX 2 was so good that it gave the first title a run for its money. It was such a big step up from the original game, that people doubted the franchise could release anything better.

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Enter Pumped BMX 3. This time around, the game creators focused on merely adding content for this sequel than in changing anything in the gameplay. Again, Pumped BMX 2 was so good that this is not necessarily a bad thing. From 50 rounds, the latest game now has 60 rounds. When previously there were 16 available stunts, the latest game now has 24. And the Pumped BMX 3 has a staggering total of 720 challenges to keep players happy and busy in stringing together awesome tricks and ramping up their scores with breath-taking combos.

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