EA’s Need for Speed: No Limits is a mobile racing game that can get very aggressive and addictive as a player advances. Not only do the stakes get higher, but the bar is also raised quite a bit, with players getting an increasing number of trophies and better, faster cars.

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A common dilemma for those who’ve accelerated far in the game is that both in-game currencies—cash and gold—become harder and harder to obtain. This is where Need for Speed: No Limits cheats come in.

Many free cash and gold generators can be found online. Not only are they free, but they are extremely easy to use, with the whole process taking up around five to ten minutes at a time.

But what will you use all the free cash and gold for? Is it truly worth your sense of integrity to cheat your way to gaining more virtual currency just to ace a mobile racing game?

Well, yes, if you know how to play your cards right, and it will be worth it.


Reap the rewards with rolls of cash

Cash is the primary in-game currency, and it’s usually earned by playing Underground and Car Series races. Players can also get rewarded a bit more by performing stunts such as drafting, drifting, and getting air.

Although not as valuable as gold, cash can also be used to purchase new car parts, like springs, mounts and clamps, which are surprisingly hard to get by later in the game.

New crates can also be added to the loading docks using cash. Five standard crates, for example, costs 20k at the black market along with a cash item. It may not seem worth it, but buying the crates in bulk could yield an unexpected variety of cash items.

In fact, the game’s algorithm works in such a way that every set of five crates could contain at most two chests, each with a cash item ideal for upgrading a player’s new car.

Buying many sets of crates would require a lot of cash, though. It doesn’t help that costs keep rising as players collect more and more cars, which means getting your hands on Need for Speed: No Limits free cash would be of more value as you continue to level up.

The best way to make sure you don’t get stuck repeating races over and over to grind for cash is to generate your own. Rather than looping back to the old races, a Need for Speed: No Limits cash generator would save the time and energy that could be spent winning newer, more exciting races.

Basically, with a quick fill-out of some necessary info and a click of a button, free cash could appear in a snap at a player’s reserves.

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Grab the gold and get with the game

Aside from cash, Need for Speed: No Limits also offers gold as in-game currency as well. A player receives gold every time he or she passes a checkpoint in Special Events, Tournaments, and Underground and Car Series Races.

Levelling up also yields gold. However, to get the coveted free gold upon reaching each level, it can take several races to get enough Rep to do so.

Plus, there is usually a long waiting time in between because of the dreaded the fuel timer (which can be reset by spending gold, but that would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it?).

To make matters worse, the further into the game you get, the more Rep is required to level up, which means Need for Speed: No Limits free gold won’t be a regular occurrence in normal gameplay.

Enter a quick and effortless solution to this dilemma that does not involve spending real-life money: the Need for Speed: No Limits gold generator.

Gold might not be the main currency of the game, but it’s just as important. It can be used to change store items, reset timers, get better parts, and expand storage for spare parts. This makes gold generators a must for those who just want more gold to spend or may have already run out of it.


Time to rule the racetrack

To sum it all up, it would be a wise choice to make use of the free cash and gold generators available online. Sure, you can grind all day playing race after race, but that eats up time and you could be doing something more productive with it instead.

To get these generators to work, it only takes five minutes to input your account name or e-mail address and the amount of cash and gold you need in the generator web page. Then it will take another five minutes for the in-game currency to transfer to your game. Wouldn’t you prefer that over tiring your fingers out for hours?

If you’re going through a moral crisis just thinking about cheating to win a game, then simply shift your thoughts to your richer competitors. Many Need for Speed: No Limits addicts are already using their real-life money to get all the benefits that you, who may be a poor street urchin, simply can’t afford.

It’s time to even out the playing board and keep the competition fair by finding an easy, expense-free way to rev up your own racing career.

It’s time to use Need for Speed: No Limits hacks to rule the racetrack.

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