“As the shadow of the Blackest Night prophecy falls on every world, sheer will alone cannot save the shattered DC Universe”. The DC Legends let’s you lead some of DC’s greatest champions in order to achieve victory through a careful and effective strategy. The game lets you partake in the ultimate role-play coupled with all of your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains such as Batman, Superman, The Joker and more in the fight against Nekron. Your choices in the game will dictate the future of the DC Universe. And since the fate of DC humanity is in your hands, it wouldn’t hurt to use something that can grant you unlimited perks on receiving gems, bypass game protection, auto update, free gems and essence such as DC Legends Hacks.

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Using DC Legends Cheats helps the players avoid getting stuck at certain levels or pushing back to focus on further development. Yes, cheating is wrong but when a completely made up but equally important Universe is in your hands such as the DC Universe, how could you say no?

There are already plenty of sites and YouTube videos on the internet that claim to give you DC Legends Free Essence and DC Legends Free Gems and most of them don’t necessarily work. Not to mention some of these links are nothing but suspicious sites that redirect you to other, even more shadowy sites that you wouldn’t have otherwise opened which is pretty much like the villains in the game itself.

Besides, most of these sites won’t work anymore any longer since DC Legends is evolving all the time and the tools that used to work simply do not work anymore because the game developers impose new updates and developments. That is why it is very important to avail of what is regularly updated—such as this DC Legends Essence Generator and a DC Legends Gems Generator. With it, you can be sure that you’ll always have access to what you need.

DC Legends is an interesting game application that is very addictive because of the simple gameplay combined with an ever-evolving story. However, just like in the real world, resources are always scarce and limited, and one can only survive for so long without the resources needed. The main resources within the game can only be obtained through using Gems and Essence. There’s plenty of in-game features, commodities and essentials that you can only get by using these resources. Without them, you’ll be hindered when it comes to progressing further and levelling up.

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What are gems and essences for?

Gems are mostly used for completing major and useful requirements that elevate your position within the game world.  These are also used as the main currency for the shop and would allow you to buy Hero Fragments, Meta-agent XP, Gear Materials, Energy, Essence, etc. Gems could also be used as assets or solutions to help your group achieve the mission. Constructions and preparations, however, take time depending on the thing or building being constructed.

Gems can also be put to good use at this point as they help finish these constructions in a heartbeat. Your chosen DC Hero’s health can also be recuperated by utilizing these Gems. They are also used to purchase shields for your base for added protection. Gems are generally important assets to keep your diversion moving and increase the worth of your group.

On the other hand, Essence is the main currency needed to upgrade your DC Heroes. These are earned by completing battles or missions and can also be collected from the Essence Collector every twelve minutes. The different types of essences also have their corresponding use; like the Legendary Essence that is used along with the usual fragments to upgrade your characters that have already reached the status of a legend. The Green Essence is often used to increase a character’s power level, and the Battle Essence which can be used to buy PVP Arena Packs which return Hero Fragments.

After gearing yourself with the resources that you need using these freebies you obtained online, all you have to do is finish the campaign missions to earn bonuses and give your hero specific fragments and complete your heroic mode to get more additional gems. You will now be on your way to working yourself through the charts in the game and in the PVP Arena. And of course, the biggest goal of them all, creating a brighter future for the DC Universe.

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