Do you enjoy playing on your computers or on your mobile phones? It is indeed fun to roam around the slither map, collect pellets, and gain mass as you compete with players around the globe! But one thing’s for sure – you’re taking too much time and having a hard time in making your avatar massive. Don’t worry because we got the solution to that piece of headache!

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Be the largest snake of the day and enjoy free lives and free speed! Yes, you read it right! Don’t worry in getting defeated by your opponents and be the one to defeat them! Being massive in has never been this easy! We heard your rants on the laggings, your inconsiderate opponents who collides on your avatar, and unexpected web crashes and internet connection interruptions that make your game and your hard work go to waste! Hack Features:

  • Absolutely no download required!

Unlike other cheating and online hacking tools that require you to download and install their software which consume storage space and may bring malware to your device, Cheats gives you the convenience of hacking without doing too much effort.


  • Accessible 24/7 online!

Since it is an online app generator, it is accessible whenever you need and want to use it! Just visit this website anytime!

  • Tested and undetectable by the Team!

Don’t worry in getting caught that you are cheating or hacking your way through the game because Hack was tested before being launched. No one detected the app generator. Meaning, no one will know how you are doing so well in the game!

  • Get as many lives as you want and speed that you need!

Don’t worry about getting dead in a game and don’t be afraid if those enormous snakes are threatening you as they release their masses and speed up! You can now play like a pro!

Just Follow These Six Easy Steps!

  1. For Mobile Phone Users:

Connect your mobile phone to your computer.

Access Online Generator - Click Here

For Desktop Computer Users:

Go directly to Step No. 2.

  1. Choose and identify your type of device (Android or IOS).
  2. Click Generate and wait for the encryption to process (usually takes a couple of seconds).
  3. Enter the number of lives and speed you would like to have on your game. (NOTE: You can put any amount, it’s unlimited!)
  4. Click Generate and wait for the process. You will see the words “Connected” “Ok” and “Resources Ready” together with the number of lives and amount of speed you entered on Step 5.

 You can now play the game without limitations! Enjoy!