Without a doubt, Star Trek has created a buzz among science fictions lovers since its first television series debuted. The show’s popularity led fans to imagine how amazing it would be to board starships and complete missions.

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Star Trek Timelines is the answer. Through this interactive strategy game, players can become the captain of their very own Federation starship and go on different missions through different galaxies.

However, much of the game’s features can only be accessed by players after unlocking with dilithium, merits, or credits. Unfortunately, gaining these precious e-currency can take up a lot of time, so it would be best to resort to a Star Trek Timelines hack which will provide free dilithium, free credits, and free merits.

How To Use

To obtain free Star Trek Timelines currency, players must first access our website for the Star Trek Timelines cheats. Once the generator has loaded, select the operating system which you are using and click the “Connect” button. Wait for a few seconds for the generator to connect to your device.

After a successful connection, you will then be asked to input your desired amount of free dilithium, free merits, and free credits. Once you are satisfied with the numbers, you may now click the “Update Your Game” button. Wait for the screen to confirm that your currencies have been updated, and refresh your game. Your new statistics will appear shortly.


Taking advantage of the Star Trek Timelines hack not only helps players progress faster, but also helps save real money. Some players don’t mind paying a few extra dollars to buy thousands dilithium, merits, or credits, however these prices can add up. Over time, buying these currencies with hard-earned money can be considered a luxury.


Among the notable features of this Star Trek Timelines hack is that it is completely free of charge. It also doesn’t require technical expertise since it can be easily accessed through our website – thus, no setup or jailbreaking is required.

It is also worth noting that this free dilithium, free merits, and free credits generator is user-friendly and safe to use, so players won’t find any complicated instructions.

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To conclude, make sure to check out our Star Trek Timelines cheats generator to guarantee faster upgrades and an improved overall gaming experience.