When you are down and low, lower than the floor, and you feel like you haven’t got a chance, don’t make any move ‘til you’re in the groove. Yeah, you’re right! That’s the Peter Panda dance and it’s the way to unlock the vault to Howard Plummer’s lab in The Pacifier.

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Well, who cares about the pacifier if you can simply tap to riches on your Andriod or iOS phone? No offense meant. Vin Diesel is a good actor but a good Taps to Riches hack is better than hopping three times like a kangaroo, side-stepping twice like crabs, taking three steps forward and one step back, lying on your back like a turtle, rolling like a log on the floor, holding your breath and jumping to the left. Whew! That was exhausting.

It’s true. There no shortcuts to success, but you can always use Taps to Riches cheats to work your way up the ladder in this new mobile game. Here are some bits of advice to help you build your empire in this whole new online world.

  • Start small, think big. – This game works like a real estate business. You earn profits from buildings and other properties that you tap into. Like in any business, it is always recommended to start small and work your way up the ladder of success. If you plan to make a purchase, choose the cheapest amount.
  • Make connections. – Friends are always a bounty. You can ask them help whenever you need it. Some friends might give free gems but all you will be asking for are keys. The more friends you have, the easier it is for you to get those keys. So make a lot of friends. Connect your game to Facebook and let friends help you Tap to Riches hack into those houses and buildings.
  • Collect VIP points. – You can do this by watching ad videos. One video can profit you five VIP points. Three hundred and fifty points is what you need to get to the next level from newbie. If you can watch ten of those videos, then you already are fifty points closer to your goal.
  • There is cash in the ads. – They can really be annoying sometimes. It disrupts the game. You can choose to ignore them or take the chance of boosting your earnings and watch the ads instead. But you can get rewards for watching those ads. Who knows? It might also give free coins.
  • Pay attention to the house. – The main concept of this game is tap houses for cash. Always check the amount you receive for tapping a house and tap the house that gives the biggest amount.
  • Get to know your Advisors. – Yes, you can be rewarded with Advisors or you can buy them with free gems. Use them wisely. Study how they work and make sure you use them in a way that helps you reach your goal.

That was too much information to digest, isn’t it? Although these tips and tricks are useful for winning the game, it would still be better to have some extra cash in your wallet. Fortunately, there is a Taps to Riches Hack tool available.

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It’s quick and easy. You don’t need to let the panda dance to unlock these Taps to Riches cheats. Just go to this link: http://igamingzone.download/newgems/tapstoricheshack/ and follow the instructions to get your free coins instantly.