Minecraft is one of the most popular and most-loved games on PC. However, it has found it difficult to transition to mobile gaming. Enter, Terraria. Terraria is what Minecraft would be if it was 2D and made with cute pixel art. Although this game is in 2D, it is by no means a lesser game. In fact, it has beefed up the familiar gameplay in multiple ways. For example, there are way more kinds of creepy crawlers to kill. Plus, the number of weapons and armor and other things you can put together from other items are beyond staggering.

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One of the best things in Terraria is the fact that you get to attract NPCs when you start building a spacious fortress. These NPCs will help you in various ways but will only come to you if you have enough room in your fortress. This gives players more incentive in building spacious and expansive bases than in Minecraft wherein you simply lord over all of it alone.

Similar to Minecraft, Terraria has daytime and nighttime periods. And like in Minecraft, players can explore the outside world, or they can choose to burrow, venture below the surface, and explore underground caverns. These caverns are home to creatures that are more lethal than the creatures found aboveground, but they also give better loot and more coins. These coins can be used to purchase store items. However, players must be careful in battling the underground crawlers because if your character dies, you will be revived aboveground and a lot of your gold will be taken from you.

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Terraria is already a must-play for gamers of all ages, and this tool will allow you to enjoy the game even more.