Have a taste of what it feels like to plan, develop and manage a city with the simulation game Designer City. Set in the year 2050, Sphere Game Studios’ offering features a newly discovered island that serves as the blank canvas for your city. You are given free in-game currency to construct residential and commercial buildings that will attract sims to transfer therein. More sims entails more workers, and more workers means greater revenues.

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You can use the generated money to create additional structures and set up better services for your sims. But more often than not, your resources will not be enough to do those things. You have to spend hours, days or even weeks of playing and waiting just to gain sufficient amount of money, gold and diamonds. If you want to skip the lengthy process, you can resort to in-game purchases using your own hard-earned money. Fortunately, there is a Designer City hack that you can use to get free and unlimited resources.

Why Use Designer City Resource Generator

A resource generator is one of the best Designer City cheats you can use because it doesn’t ask you to pay for anything at all. It also saves you time as it is web-based, meaning there is no need for you to download or install any computer program. As long as you have a device connected to the Internet, then you are set to go. Owing to its simple design, the hack tool’s interface is easy to use and it loads quickly.

Don’t worry about the possibility of getting banned by the creators of Designer City as the resource generator is encrypted. They are not likely to find out whether or not you take advantage of a hack tool.

The best part of the hack tool is the unlimited amount of free money, gold and diamonds that you can get in no time. Just enter the amount you want in the provided slots. Within a minute, your free resources will be added to your Designer City account.

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How to Use the Resource Generator

To use the Designer City hack tool, enter your username and indicate the operating system of your device. Click the Enable Encryption and Connect buttons. Next, indicate the amount of free money, free gold and free diamonds you want, and then click the Generate button. Check your gaming account and have fun creating a better city using your newly added resources.