The first installment of Tiny Troopers was a guaranteed success among millions of players. When a game is that popular, there is always a discussion as to how much should be changed in succeeding sequels. With Tiny Troopers 2, the game makers opted to stick with the general formula and to only add some small changes that would make it more enjoyable.

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With the general gameplay and systems kept intact, Tiny Troopers, just like its predecessor, will have 2 main in-game currencies. Gold and medals can both be used to purchase various power-ups and soldier upgrades. Between the two, medals are harder to obtain.

This is why we have created a Tiny Troopers 2 Special Ops Hack that would generate free gold and free medals for players. Purchasing upgrades and power-ups will no longer be a problem. You will enjoy your game ten-fold, as it is no longer frustrating and necessary to grind for several days just to get the upgrades that you need or want. The primary benefit users will get from this tool is the fact that they could save so much time. Instead of grinding for gold or medal, they can now focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the game.

This Tiny Troopers 2 Special Ops Hack also comes with bonus features. First, and most importantly, this special tool is free. You do not have to spend any real money on this. Second, this tool is 100% safe to use. You will not be detected by the game, so you are safe from game bans. You are also safe from malware, because this tool does not require any downloads. Last, but not the least, this tool is very easy to use. This was created so that anybody can use it, without having to do any complicated setups.

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Follow these simple steps to get your free gold and free medals.

  1. Click on this link, it will direct you to our special tool:
  2. Specify if you play the game on iOS or Android devices. This is important because they use different scripts.
  3. Input the amount of free gold and free medals that you want.
  4. That’s it, enjoy your game!