From the name itself, Trivia Crack, is a trivia game developed by Etermax and was launched in 2013. In this quiz game, players can compete against each other by answering questions from different categories such as Geography, Sports, Science, History, Art and Pop.

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Trivia Crack Resources – Coin, Spin and Life

Despite being a free to play game, the developer earns it commission from the game through advertisements and optional purchase of ad free copy of the game and in-game resources such as coins, spins and lives.

Coins are the in-game currency that allows players to enter into tournaments that give awesome rewards upon successful completion. Another resource that the game uses is “life”. Each new match against another player consumes one life. And each life is re-generated after 30 minutes. Lastly is the spin. The category from which the question is lifted from is chosen by spinning a category wheel. It is also used to get freebies after every turn in the match against other players.

Definitely, having a lot of these resources can make the game more exciting. No more dull waiting moments for another life. No need to farm for coins to enter the tournament. And of course, you can have as much spin as you want to choose the trivia category that you are most comfortable with.

And for that reason, you might want to try this Trivia Crack Hack Tool that can give you unlimited free lives, spins and coins.

Trivia Crack Hack Tool

This Trivia Crack cheat can generate the three mentioned in-game resources. It has simple interface and quite easy to use so need to fret over being a newbie in the field of mobile gaming. Also, it is guaranteed to work on all kinds of devices and platforms – be it android, iOS or windows. And the most noteworthy feature of this hack tool is its availability via web portal, meaning you do not have to install or download anything to use this tool. Plus, it is also absolutely safe and undetectable since it is unlike other tools that give you daily supply of free spins, free lives and free coins. Instead, you can generate these resources in bulk amount in any interval or frequency that you are most comfortable with – either daily, weekly, monthly or in just one shot.

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How to use Trivia Crack Hack Tool

To use this Trivia Crack Resource Generator, all you have to do is access the web portal and choose the mobile platform that you use. Then choose the amount of free coins, free lives and free spins that you want to be added into your account. After that, you will be asked to enter an activation code which you can get by answer a short survey.