Rayman is a game franchise that has captured the fancy of a huge audience over the years. Rayman first entered the mobile game arena with 2 premium titles. However, for its third mobile game, it has opted to go for a free-to-play game. Rayman Adventures, just like all previous Rayman games, has wowed critics and players alike, with its smooth and easy controls and simple but addicting gameplay.

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In its core is a runner game, with Rayman continuously moving forward, while players control his attacks and jumps. What is unique to this game is the collection aspect of the game. Rayman, during his missions, can rescue and collect critter eggs. These eggs will hatch into cute and helpful critters. They are basically powerups, but collecting them and watching them hatch definitely adds to the addiction factor. You can only hatch 1 egg at a time, and it takes a significant amount of time to hatch an egg. Players can buy premium currency called gems to speed up this process.

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