The second installment of the game My Singing Monsters is, in fact, its prequel, according to the game’s story line. It was set during the time when monsters were just learning how to sing.

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Just like its predecessor, though, My Singing Monsters Dawn Of Fire is sure to give you countless hours of music and fun gameplay.

Get to breed and collect monsters, raise them, and discover the different sounds that each can make. Some monsters have vocals, while some are simply accompanying instruments. Nevertheless, the more variety of monsters that you hatch, the richer the sounds that will fill your island.

Cuteness to the Highest Octave!

Aside from beautiful music, this game also features great graphics and a multitude of monsters to breed – all of them looking oh so cute!

How to get the best monsters to join the orchestra, though?

While My Singing Monsters Dawn Of Fire is free to play, you might find that it is actually hard to earn more in-game currency as you advance. Certain parts of the game will require that you spend some coins or diamonds.

Go from Alto to Soprano – in a Heart Beat…

As with other online games, if you want to advance more quickly, then you might need to spend real money to get additional in-game currency and resources.

This is where you can make use of some My Singing Monsters Dawn Of Fire cheats.

The cheat is all about accessing a resource generator to get free coins and free diamonds. You must not worry, though, as you won’t be required to download anything to get free unlimited resources. This one is web-based and is, therefore, safe and undetectable.

Sing to the Tune of… the Singing Monsters! What Else?

Getting your free resources can be done in three easy steps using the My Singing Monsters Dawn Of Fire hack tool.

First, using your mobile phone or personal computer’s web browser, select your operating system (Android or iOS) then click on “Connect.”

Next, type in the number of resources that you wish to get and then click on “Update Your Game.”

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Finally, you have to choose and complete one of the offers that you will be presented. Doing so will generate an Activation Key which you are going to use to claim your free diamonds and coins. Do not worry though, as these offers are safe and are usually free to avail, too. Restart your game and carry on with your monsters’ mini concerto! Cuteness overload!