For golfers having their own golf car means that they don’t have to share their golf course transportation with other golfers. If you are looking to buy your own golf cart or are just looking to rent, you can look to western golf car distributors in Sacramento to help you.

Here are some of the things that golf car Sacramento distributors can do.

  • They can find the right golf car for you – just like regular car dealers, golf cart dealers have an extensive line of golf cart selection that should be big enough for you to find the right one that will fit your needs. You can choose from two-seat and four-seat vehicles from their wide variety of choices. You can also pick the color and other accessories you want to buy with it.


  • They can help you understand the different features of the car – walking into a dealership that sells golfing cars can be intimidating. Having an expert on your side in the form of a representative from the golf cart dealer will make shopping for the perfect car a breeze. They can explain to you the specifications of the golf cars without you needing to look for information yourself. How fast does the car go? What does it run in? Does it have room for my clubs? These are common questions that golfers ask dealers. A dealer should be able to answer this and provide so much more information about the vehicle without you needing to Google everything.


  • They can recommend and find carts easily based on your preference – shopping for golf carts can be tiring and time consuming. But with the help of a dealer who knows where every car is located and what kind of car is available, you could save you plenty of time. Give the dealer a description of what you want and they can try to get their hands on at least 5 different models for you to view and choose from. You don’t have to go up and down the golf cart lot to find your car. They will get them for you.


  • They can get you a good price – dealers often offer discounts for customers who ask for it. They also give freebies and other fun things so your buying experience will be a pleasure. They sometimes even give you a discount for being a loyal customer, for recommending a friend, and for many other reasons.


  • They can get you a good deal on accessories – accessories that come with a golf cart can also be expensive. With the help of a dealer you can find out where the best priced accessories can be found. They have a network of people they work with that can make your golf cart look and feel more unique and more you. They can help you find people who customize colors, seats, and many more. Sometimes with their recommendation you can get a discount or a freebie.

These are just some of the perks you can enjoy when you buy your golf car through the distributor. In Sacramento and Norther California, your source of all things golf carts is just a phone call away. They are available from Mon-Fri 8AM to 4PM and on Saturday’s by appointment. Call now and get the best golf cart deals.